Lego Challenge lessons European School the Hague

: 9  September. Age: 6 – 11  When: Every Friday afternoon from  15.00 to 16.15. Have Fun and get inspired by the instructor and your fellow builders. While building and playing you will learn a lot about Science and Engineering!


We offer unique educational enrichment programs called LEGO Challenges  and workshops with the use (technical) LEGO. When using our programs children (6-11 years) will playfully learn in the fields of arithmetic, physics and mechanical and software engineering . Our lessons are fun and exciting designed with the E2 method; a combination of Entertainment and Education.

The highlight of each lesson is to build a model that supports the topic of the lesson using LEGO® and LEGO® Technic . During the lesson, the children receive a short theoretical explanation about gears, centrifugal forces , Newton’s laws, and more.

Then, each participant will build using our unique Young Engineers kit developed especially for this purpose . In the end we are going to improve , of course , build and play with models that always gives a lot of creativity.


We have prepared 13 lessons until the 16th of December and hereby some of the topics we will use during our lessons:

  • Newton’s law
  • Chain transmission
  • Towing axle
  • Snailtransmission
  • Potential, kinetic ad  elastisc energyIMG_20160610_160746944
  • Liftpower
  • Bernoulli principle
  • Differentials



Locatie Startdatum Dag en tijd Kosten
Houtrustweg 2
2566 HA Den Haag
9 September Friday 15:00 tot 16:15 € 182,- voor 13 lessons