Online lessons ESH

Dear Parents,

Thank you for showing interest in our online lessons for ESH students. We are offering blocks of 4 lessons of one hour.

The new group will start on Tuesday the 19th of May!


  • a daily lesson from 3.45-4.45 pm
  • the lesson will be provided to you with an online tool
  • the student has the Young Engineers kit at his disposal for the full work week (Monday – Friday)
  • the lesson will be hosted by a Young Engineers instructor and the lesson plan is shared with the student by screen share
  • the group size will be maximum 10 students so we can have full attention for all attendees
  • the lessons materials will be delivered at your home address

Please notice we have limited space in the online groups. We will try to get all sign ups on board but for us the most important is that we can organize safe, great, and fantastic lessons!!

YES i am interested!

Please fill in the form at the latest the 1st of May and/or do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions.

JA, ik heb interesse in online lessen van Young Engineers

  • Voer een getal tussen 7 en 12 in.

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